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Payment Methods

The only payments platform that gives you access to PayPal, Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, plus the most relevant wallets and local payment methods in a single integration.

Payment methods

Offer the leading digital wallets

PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

A single, simple integration

For all available payment methods -- both today and in the future.

Optimized for web and mobile

Give buyers a seamless checkout experience across devices.

Save time and resources

With consolidated technical and operational flows for all payment types.

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Payment preferences matter

Braintree helps you offer the payment methods your customers want most without complicating your checkout or wasting valuable development resources.


agree they’re more likely to shop with an online retailer if they see the logo of their preferred payment type.1

1. Kelton Research: Digital trends impacting commerce, September 2018. Online survey of 2,115 U.S. Adults 18 and over. Quotas were set to ensure a nationally representative sample that matched fallout for the U.S. Census on age, gender, and ethnicity.

Paypal logo

Drive higher conversion and get access to over 265 million active PayPal accounts when you add the most widely adopted global digital wallet to your checkout.

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Venmo logo

Unlock new opportunities and drive word-of-mouth awareness with the most social peer-to-peer mobile wallet app in the US.

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Credit and debit cards

Accept most major credit and debit card brands from across the globe to create the foundation of your checkout flow.

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Digital wallets

Get access to the most widely adopted digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout, and more.

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Local payment methods

Go global but be local -- easily offer the most relevant local payment types to your customers.

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